Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane wheels, rollers, sheets, blocks, bushes, seals, tubes, rods, mouldings, scrapers plus many more.

Service / Repair

Refurbishment of many polyurethane and rubber parts including retyring and recovering of wheels and rollers.

Customised Solutions

Bespoke moulding using our V-THane polyurethane and rubber compound. We turn ideas into components.


Leading UK suppliers of plastic materials in sheet, rod, tubes, profiles and similar forms. All major brands.

Polyurethane Parts

Polyurethane Processing for over 50 Years

HPE is the most experienced custom moulder of polyurethane casting in the UK and are the world’s only supplier of V-Thane high performance polyurethane.

V-THane is our trading name for a range of solid cast polyurethanes, 25° shore A to 84° shore D. They offer outstanding mechanical and physical properties, abrasion resistance, durability, noise reduction, impact & shock absorption, chemical oil and water resistance etc. V-THane bridges the gap between convential rubbers and engineering plastics.

Polyurethanes are probably the single most versatile material available to the industrial world. Physical test results do not do justice to the array of real world properties that polyurethanes provide. Polyurethanes were originally developed as an alternative material to natural rubber. They have grown far beyond this combining many attributes of metals, plastics and rubber into one unique material.

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