About Us

Hallam Polymer WorkshopHallam Polymer Engineering (HPE) is a family owned manufacturing company that specialises in polyurethane and rubber mouldings. HPE is the most experienced custom moulder of polyurethane casting in the UK and are the world’s only supplier of V-Thane high performance polyurethane. We have over 50 years manufacturing experience and are approved suppliers to prestige and public sector organisations.

We have 2 generations of the same family running the company and most of our staff have been with with us for many years. This closeness of working family and experienced loyal staff helps us achieve a very high standard product. Information on our quality system can be found on the quality assurance page.

Over the last 10 years HPE increased its core products to include rubber so we could offer a larger range of products. Through heavy investment in specialised rubber processing equipment we can produce products that are very high quality and cost effective.

In 2006 we then accrued King Plastics to sit alongside our polyurethane and rubber product areas. This has allowed us to offer a large range of plastic products and use engineering plastics as an alternative to polyurethane when appropriate.

HPE is always investing in the future to make sure it’s at the leading edge of a demanding industry.

Contact us today for specialist advice and to discuss your requirements 01246 415511