Bespoke Polyurethane Moulding

Polyurethane Moulding

Polyurethane moulding to your exact specification

Hallam Polymer Engineering offer a bespoke moulding service utilising our V-THane Polyurethane and Rubber Compounds.
We are able to offer cost effective solutions for the manufacture of single components through to large scale production runs.

We can turn an idea into a component, replicate an existing part or manufacture to a drawing. We understand the engineering properties of our materials and we are delighted to assist with material selection. It is usually practical to offer a material sample.

Whenever possible we mould to finished shape and size which offers a cost effective and practical solution for a wide variety of components. We can supply or source any moulding equipment as required. Moulds are usually produced through straightforward machining and are much cheaper than compression or injection mould tooling.
We are always delighted to use the customer’s own tooling where this exists.
Our Rubber production facility is structured towards the manufacture of round items  such as wheels, rollers, tubes and sleeves which allows for the most appropriate choice of materials on these popular components.

We provide a full remanufacturing service for those components containing or bonded to metal inserts where the cost of reclamation offers a saving over new supply.
This is often cost effective even where the insert needs repair.
Industrial wheels are ideal to benefit from this service (see below) but many other items are entirely suitable for reclamation and re-moulding of the polymer.
Remanufacturing is often the quickest route to resolve break-down situations.
This is especially true for older equipment and machinery where the supply of spares has come to an end. So long as there is enough left of the worn part that we can deduce the original shape, we are able to make new components.

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