Polyurethane Blocks

Polyurethane Blocks
Polyurethane Blocks
Polyurethane blocks customised to your requirements

Cast V-thane polyurethane blocks available in a wide range of grade, size and colour. Made to your exact specification.

Blocks describe different things to different people. A block can be simple or complicated. For us a block is solid V-thane and of roughly rectangular shape. Polyurethane blocks are among the more straightforward mouldings.

The wide range of grades allows HPE to match material to each application whether it’s a flexible buffer or the body mount of a dump-truck.

Polyurethane blocks can be an economic way to produce a prototype or a route to avoid expensive machining.
If you are in the business of press-forming a V-thane block can remove the need for the bottom die and make the press far easier to set.

We hold a range of square and rectangular moulds. If your requirements coincide with one of our moulds there is no tooling charge. Alternatively, we can make dedicated tooling to supply the finished part. If your part is complicated or has bonded inserts, our custom polyurethane moulding service is ideal.

Also, see our polyurethane sheet.

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