Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane Roller

We supply polyurethane rollers made to your exact specification

Hallam Polymer Engineering supply V-thane polyurethane rollers for a whole range of uses and industries – eg. grinding machines, handling large flat sheet, larger volume handling production lines. We can supply plain rollers, grooved rollers and chamfered rollers.

Although roller design is important, getting the right grade of material is even more so – we offer a large range of different hardness of polyurethane and rubber coverings that can then be grooved or chamfered profile to suit the rollers use. With our vast experience and expertise you can be assured that you will be given the best advice possible so please call to discuss your requirements.

Unlike others we only offer polyurethane directly bonded straight to the roller itself making sure a high quality bond is achieved between the metal and the covering. Our polyurethane rollers will prove durable in stressful environments and will outlast and outperform most if not all others.

We also offer rubber rollers – see rubber rollers page.

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