Polyurethane Scraper Blades

Polyurethane Scraper Blades

Polyurethane scrapers blades manufactured to your requirements

Scrapers are normally found as part of conveyor systems. Hallam Polymer’s V-Thane  polyurethane scrapers are high performance parts and are found world wide in the most extreme environments. We  manufacture a large range of different scrapper blades – scrapers made in sections that fit as a continuous system or as a stand alone scrapper “tip”.

Our V-Thane  material can be used in wet or dry systems in a wide range of temperatures without any loss in performance. We will help you get the right product for the job – if you need a scraper that will deflect past joins in a longer conveyor or a more traditional system off cleaning the conveyor belt we a have the knowledge to help. Custom moulded parts are very cost effective as you get the parts you need with no variation on the finished parts and without the waste or lead times of machined parts.

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We already custom make scrapper profile to suit different types of systems where the angle of the curve is all important. Whether it is a straight or shaped profiled product our years of expertise in manufacturing quality custom parts make sure your are getting the right part for job.

Conveyor systems are normally high abrasion environments where HPE materials excel.
If the correct grade is used polyurethane offers super abrasion resistant properties and will provide excellent life cycle. Getting the right shape and size of scraper is all so important to the life of your products and has a direct cost in terms of down time and replacing parts.

Plastic conveyor parts can also be supplied by HPE, normally part of the polyethylene family of products. We offer a wide range of different grades and sheet sizes available that can be supplied as full sheets, strips, or machined into parts. Slots and holes for fitting can also be machined into the parts by the customer or by us.

Incorporating metal parts, slots and holes

We offer scraper blades with metal parts eg. metal strips for fixing. We can also machine slots and holes into scrapers to help with fitting.

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