Polyurethane Seals / Gaskets

Polyurethane Seals

Polyurethane seals and gaskets made to your exact specification

HPE can custom mould polyurethane seals and gaskets to a very tight tolerance. Many of these parts go into water, oil and gas industries because the material properties of polyurethane make it the ideal choice – it is impervious to oil, water gas etc and has a wide operating temperature.

It is also a very cost effective solution as there is no waste of material or time machining parts and also our high quality seals and gaskets will last for many years.

We also offer a machining service for gaskets when you only need a few parts and it is not cost effective to have a mould made.

By having custom made seals and gaskets instead of off the shelf items means you don’t have to make the product fit as the product will be made to suit the job or part.

Polyurethene seals and gaskets can be made out off sheet material by the end user as polyurethane can be cut/shaped using most diy hand tools. We can also supply rod, block or sheet for you to make the parts yourself.

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