Polyurethane Tubes

Polyurethane Tubes

Polyurethane tubing made to your exact specification

HPE custom cast all polyurethane tubes. Tubes can be made in a range of colours and hardness, having batches made in different colours is a big advantage if you use two different sizes or just want to know how long a part is lasting. If you a have a large requirement for polyurethane tubing having it custom cast and buying parts that can be fitted straight away can save a lot of time and energy.

Tubes can are used for countless applications:

  • Knifing tool machines.
  • Bespoke moulding of tube for specific jobs.
  • Slip on tyres, protection, springs and more.

Some customer keep a small selection of tube and rod in stock so they can machine parts themselves.

We also manufacture and supply polyurethane rods.

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