Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane Wheel

We supply and repair polyurethane wheels for many uses and industries

Hallam Polymer Engineering supply polyurethane wheels for a whole range of uses and industries – theme parks, transport systems, people transport systems (rail), continuous production lines (steel and water), water processing, escalator systems, linishing machine, conveyors and many more. We can supply plain wheels, grooved wheels and chamfered wheels.

Getting the right grade of material is just as important as the wheel design itself – at Hallam Polymer we offer a large range of different hardness of polyurethane and rubber coverings that can then be grooved or chamfered profile to suit the wheels use.

Unlike others we only offer polyurethane directly bonded straight to the wheel itself making sure a high quality bond is achieved between the metal and the tyre. You often come across trolley wheels that are glued on to a plastic hub that over time or in a stressful environment can fail. Our wheels will outlast and outperform most if not all others.

We also offer rubber wheels – see rubber wheels page.

We can supply the actual metal wheel or you can provide that for us – either way the wheel will be customised to your requirements and manufactured with the appropriate properties and hardness. Please consult our sales staff for more advice.

We also can offer to make a solid wheel with no metal or anything else – made as a fully cast V-THane wheel it is very cost effective way of producing a wheel as when it comes to the end of its life it can be thrown away with out having the cost of metal, shipping etc.

If your existing wheels have worn out we also offer a regrinding and retyring service – see Polyurethane Wheel Refurbishment page.

Contact wheels made to your exact specifications

Polyurethane Contact WheelThe selection of contact wheel to use in conjunction with modern abrasive belts is of prime importance. If done correctly will obtain results in abrasive belt grinding efficiency for any application. There is absolutely no point in using an expensive high tech abrasive belt with the wrong selection of contact wheel. Customers using abrasive belt grinding process should work closely with top quality belt manufacturers, their agents and Hallam Polymer Engineering in order to achieve full efficiency.

We have developed our range of V-Thane tyred wheels to very high standards of quality and design. Use of the best available materials coupled with our expertise, combine to give the very best results from abrasive belt grinding. Our contact wheels have outstanding mechanical and physical properties and their resistance to abrasion, oils, cutting fluids, etc. is second to non. Our contact wheels outperform conventional rubber tyred wheels many times over.

There are four main types of contact wheel, each with a range of groove form and hardness. Selection of the right wheel is all important so please consult our sales staff for advice.

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