Polyurethane Rope Protectors

Polyurethane Rope Protectors
Our yellow rope protectors are on ships all round the world
Polyurethane tow rope protectors, towing sleeves and towing shoes

V-Thane polyurethane rope protectors (sometimes referred to as tow wire protectors) have been specially designed to give maximum protection to the towing rope or towing wire by preventing abrasion and chafe against bulwark rails, towing rails and fairleads. The flexibility and resistance to wear ensure an economical service life of the protector. The likelihood of premature parting of rope is greatly reduced with V-thane rope protectors, which are basically designed for use with ropes operating from towing winches.

Tow rope protectors are available in 1, 2 & 3 meters lengths. Towing Shoes are produced in halves for easy fitting once the tow rope is in place. Towing Sleeves are produced as a one-piece moulded product and are fitted by threading the rope through the Sleeve before any splicing takes place.
Our yellow V-thane rope protectors have been in use for over 45 years. Beware of inferior copies – our tried and tested protectors are on ships all round the world performing to the highest standards in the most demanding of conditions.

Towing Sleeves – Standard Duty
Towing Sleeves Standard Duty
Sleeves can be supplied square-ended or tapered.
Towing Sleeves – Heavy Duty
Towing Sleeves Heavy Duty
Sleeves can be supplied square-ended or tapered.
Towing Sleeves – Extra Heavy Duty
Towing Sleeves Extra Heavy Duty
Sleeves can be supplied square-ended or tapered.
Towing Shoes
Towing Shoes
Shoes only supplied with tapered ends.

In addition to the above range we are able to supply custom-made sizes.

About V-thane

V-thane polyurethane is an exceptionally tough, hard wearing and resilient material with excellent resistance to oils, ozone and sea water yet it will retain it’s flexibility even at freezing temperatures.
V-thane polyurethane is used in every industrial sector finding it’s way into all the really demanding applications. V-thane was first produced in 1965. V-thane rope protectors were developed for marine applications and launched into the market about 5 years later as a single product. Over the years our range has increased to suit different requirements.

Rope Sleeves

V-thane rope sleeves which are made in a one-piece construction can be supplied square-ended or with one end tapered for easier fitting/movement over baulks and rails. This form of rope protector is normally fitted by feeding the rope through the protector.
V-thane Sleeves come in 4 sizes, standard duty (RS designation), Heavy duty (SHD designation), Extra heavy duty (EHD designation) and Extra heavy duty plus (EHD+ designation)

Rope Shoe Protectors

These are made in two halves and clamped onto the rope with eight high tensile bolts, making shoe style protectors easy to fit to any style of rope. The patented design ensures there is no protruding hardware.

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