Polyurethane Wheel Refurbishment

Polyurethane Wheel Refurbishment
Wheel Before

Polyurethane Wheel Repair
Wheel after Refurbishment

Polyurethane wheels for many uses and industries

Larger wheels can lend themselves to tyre re-machining which allows customers to extend component life. We can true a worn surface, restore a crown profile, refresh a tread pattern and re-balance where needed..

Industrial wheel refurbishment is an easily understood concept. The cost of wheel hubs, especially those machined to accept bearings or axles, usually far outstrips the cost of the tyre.
This is the story of a typical “rebond”.

  • Receive the used wheel
  • Old tyre removal
  • Inspect the used hub
  • Hub prepared for bonding
  • New tyre applied
  • Tyre machined
  • Tyre balancing
  • Finished and ready for despatch

We own a bespoke milling machine designed specifically to cut helix grooves into wheels and rollers. We have both static and dynamic balancing equipment and number of traditional machine tools which are ideal for handling the materials we process.

Not happy with how your wheels are performing?

We have gained many customers who came to us when their wheels weren’t performing in the way they expected or as they’d like. Using all our experience we solved their problems by making adjustments to the wheels and coverings or by producing a custom made product. The quality of our products nearly always proves much more cost effective than cheaper inferior products.

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