Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Engineering and industrial plastics manufactured to your requirements

Hallam polymer offers a range of plastics in sheet and rod to complement the polyurethane and rubber we manufacture. We sell engineering plastics that you find in production lines sat along side polyurethane or rubber.
Engineering plastics tend to be classed as semi finished products and they do not normally come with protective film like acrylic and polycarb.

We do not stock plastics but work closely with a leading UK supplier and manufacturer to offer a wide range of the best quality products with very realistic lead times and competitive prices. We can offer full sheets or cut size or as machined or fabricated parts.


Polyethylene (HDPE) available in all standard grades: 300 (black and white), 500 (black, white, blue and yellow), 1000 (UHMWPE), 1000 regen (black or green), choice of colours (normally black white yellow blue green). We can offer full sheets or cut size pieces or as finished machined or fabricated parts.
Polyethylene is a low friction low wear material and is normally found in conveyor systems as wear strips/scrappers and hopper linings.


Comes with a smooth finish or embossed.
Polypropylene is normally the cheap and cheerful engineering plastics and the lightest of the engineering plastics. Not much sticks to polyprop – this can be a good or bad thing depending on what it is used for.
Polypropylene can be welded to make water tanks, battery boxes, etc.


Nylon is normally what most engineering plastics get referred to even if its not nylon. It is a well rounded product that is available in cast and extruded in rod and sheet.
Nylon is the most popular engineering plastic and tends to be the happy medium of engineering plastics (good at most thing, bad at none) and can be machined into different products. It is widely available in different sheet and rod sizes.

Hygienic PVC Interior Wall Cladding

Hygienic PVC interior wall cladding is available in white with range of accessories ideal for hospitals, comical kitchen’s, dry stores, changing rooms, indoor play rooms, showers, high traffic areas, kick plates, wall protection, etc or any area you want to keep clean with minimal effort. It has high rigidity and impact strength.

Other plastics are available by special order, please contact us for more details.

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