Statement of Quality Assurance

Polyurethane Quality ControlAs is a close knit company of 30 employees, we have strived to reduce rejects to an acceptable level and for the last 3 years have achieved levels of 1.5% average reject parts and 1.7% average reject weight of materials used. As manufacture is all manually cast by our workforce we consider these levels to be a tribute to both our monitoring and training techniques in conjunction with our present level of quality management system.

HPE is a family run company with long serving staff so we have complete control over quality plus we have a dedicated quality control manager with vast experience in all aspects of material handling.

Our V-Thane material is a unique premium material processed in our controlled custom made factory by very experienced staff. Superb quality is assured. Many high profile and public sector organisations will not use any other polyurethane and insist on V-Thane.

Testing Capabilities

We have are own in house testing equipment for tensile strength, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Dedicated test rigs are available for accelerated material life testing.

HPE carry out physical testing on all production materials on a regular basis. We perform such tests as are considered necessary for specific applications and regularly prepare dedicated quality plans for compliance to customer specifications. Test records are maintained to provide tractability.

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