Rubber Rollers

Polyurethane Roller

We supple rubber rollers made to your exact specification

Where rubber is more suited to your requirements than polyurethane we offer rubber rollers. Both polyurethane and rubber can be used effectively but rubber is usually more suitable when grip grip is very important eg. as a drive roller. We can supply plain rollers, grooved rollers and chamfered rollers.

We offer a range of different hardness and types of rubber and can offer a range of different finishes to our rubber rollers such as a ground finish or a grooved finish. We can advise you of the best material and grade to use for your application – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The groove pattern of a roller can dramatically alter the use and life of a roller. For example if you use a linishing machine the way the rubber grips the belt is just as important as the belt itself but many people start with the problem they see (ie. the belt), and don’t consider that a better designed roller will increase the life of the belt itself, or simply make the machine more effective to use.

For information on polyurethane rollers please see polyurethane rollers page.

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